About Us

BNutty Buddies is a collaborative project dreamt up by the founders of two gourmet food companies that wanted to make a healthy spreadable nut butter for kids.
The founders of BNutty peanut butter, Carol and Joy, were two Indiana soccer moms on a mission! They started a fun and unique nut butter company as a fundraiser for youth soccer and it quickly grew into a National and then International business.
They met fellow soccer mom and New Jersey's Gourmet Soup Queen, Rita Tabatchnick, and became instant friends. Rita was focused on expanding her gourmet soup factory to help provide nutritious foods for families and schools. She was so passionate about the project that Carol and Joy decided to join her and BNutty Buddies was born.
Using the freshest US grown ingredients, the three moms began formulating a super creamy peanut butter that is unbelievably spreadable and delicious. Crafted with Love at Carol and Joy's factory, The Nuthouse, in Indiana - BNutty Buddies became an instant hit.